The Geshe Tsulga

Non-Profit Corporation

for Sera Je House #2A Monks and Affiliates, inc.

News and Images from House 2A

Bill and Andrea Judge visited the Kurukulla Center in November of 2019 for a planning session with the Board of Directors.  This was the first time nearly the entire Board was able to sit down together with Geshe Tenley and discuss the future of the Geshe Tsulga NonProfit Corporation.  It was announced at the meeting that Harry Duvall who serves as Co-President with be will be taking the lead going forward.  We also revisited our goals and discussed how we could ensure they are fulfilled in accordance with Geshe Tsulga's wishes.

  • Our goal is to find a sponsor for every monk or affiliate that needs one as identified by Geshe Tenley and the Senior monks at House 2A.
  • To provide food and clothing to monks, nuns and affiliates.  At Sera, meals are provided every day except Tuesday; Geshe Tenley provides meals on Tuesday.  Our support assist with meals and holidays.
  • To provide financial support for medical expenses not covered by the monastery.
  • To support nuns who are affiliated in some way with House 2A.
  • To support affiliates, typically family members at the local Tibetan village school.
  • To support local monasteries in Kham if they request our assistance.