The Geshe Tsulga

Non-Profit Corporation

for Sera Je House #2A Monks and Affiliates, inc.

2020 Board of Directors

Annual Letter from

The Geshe Tsulga Non-Profit Corporation

for Sera Je House 2A Monks and Affiliates, Inc.


Dear Sponsor,


Tashi Delek and welcome to our Annual Appeal Letter for 2020!


We admire you.  We see you.  We appreciate you. By supporting the monks, nuns and affiliates of the Geshe Tsulga Non-Profit Corporation, you truly make a difference in their life. You make it possible for them to study and teach the Dharma. For the non-monastic children, your help provide the means for them to attend school, giving hope for better future. Your generosity helps preserve Tibetan culture, which is slowly disappearing, and contributes to the flourishing of the precious, profound and much-needed Dharma.


25 + Years of Supporting the Monks of House #2A


With great vision, Geshe Tsulga and Bill Judge established the monk sponsorship program in 1993.  It has been instrumental in helping hundreds of young men and boys who escaped harsh conditions and genocide in their homeland. When they arrived in South India as refugees, they were welcomed and cared for by the monks of House 2 and #2A in Bylakuppe.


As many of you know, Geshe Tsulga was a true Dharma Hero.  He was a direct, vital link in the continuation of Buddha’s teaching. Escaping the Chinese army, he traveled on foot over the Himalayan Mountains to India. He then, literally and spiritually, endured the hardships of the jungle in South India and helped to rebuild Sera Monastery. Through all of this, he continued his studies and attained the degree of Lharampa Geshe.


10 Year Anniversary of Geshe Tsulga’s Passing


The 10-year anniversary of Geshe Tsulga’s passing will occur November 2020, making this a meaningful year, of reflection and motivation.


We as sponsors can reflect that, we too, are a direct link in the continuation of Buddha’s teaching.  And we can be inspired to carry on!


As we kick-off our Annual Appeal, we ask you to Please Give Now.  Your generosity will support your monk, nun and/or refugee in the coming year.  We plan to wire funds to India in late winter, so please plan your gift accordingly.


Board Update


In addition to our Annual Meeting held in July, and various workgroups, we had an auspicious, in-person meeting on October 19, 2019 at the Kurukulla Center in Medford, Massachusetts. Thanks to the kindness of Geshe Tenley, and the dedication of Bill and Andrea Judge, who travelled from North Carolina to be with us, we had a very productive meeting. Geshe Sonam Wangchuk, at House #2A in India, shared with us in real time (technology!) how monks use their sponsorship funds. The monks of House 2A are at different levels of study and responsibility. Some of them are attending secondary school, while others are well on their way becoming a Geshe at the Monastic University. Here are the essential expenses Geshe Sonam conveyed to us:


• Meet special dietary and health needs not covered by the Sera food program

• Saving funds for future Geshe ceremonies

• College fees and reference books (non-monks, refuges).

• College and higher education fees for relatives. Many of the more senior monks help their families who are living as refugees in India

• Attending Kalachakras

• Attending His Holiness’ Teaching

• Pilgrimage to holy places such as Bodhgaya where the Buddha attained enlightenment


Rejoice in what you are supporting!


With wisdom and energy coming from Alaska (Venerable Tsunma) and North Carolina (Bill and Andrea), the Geshe Tsulga Non-Profit is now more firmly organized in Massachusetts, close to Kurukulla Center and in close consultation with Geshe Tenley.  We offer Geshe Tenley our profound appreciation and admiration for his work and guidance.  We also thank Kimber for all of her hard work and dedication.


We would also like to offer our heartfelt thanks to Joy Paulson and Marta Łuczyńska as they leave the Board. Joy was one of our original Board members and served for many years. Marta served as our Clerk.  


With Geshe Tenley as Spiritual Advisor, the current Board is:


• William Judge – Co-President

• Harry Duvall – Co-President

• Jane Larsson – Treasurer

• Bob Dunn – Acting Clerk

• Debra Thornburg – Sponsor Coordinator

• Andrea Judge

• Venerable Sue Macy – Guiding Director

 Thanks again for your generous donations.  We look forward to another successful year.

With kind regards,

Harry Duvall


NOTE - Please remember that 100% of your donation goes to your sponsored monk, nun or refugee.  Our operating expenses are covered by the Board of Directors or by a donation specifically made to help us offset our operating costs

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