The Geshe Tsulga
Non-Profit Corporation

How the program works

You can fully sponsor a monk, nun, child, or refugee for $200/ year by filling out the form below. Donations of any amount are appreciated. Donations are tax-deductible.

It is also possible to make one-time donations and offerings to the general fund. These funds are used to provide assistance to the monks, nuns, and refugees who do not have sponsors, as well as to cover miscellaneous expenses for the participants, such as emergency healthcare needs. 

            Annual Donation or a One Time Donation

Click on the donate button below to make a donation via paypal or send a check payable to the Geshe Tsulga Non-profit Corp. and note the intent of the donation in the memo line. 

Donations can be sent to:

The Geshe Tsulga Non-Profit Corporation

175 Mountain Street

Sharon, MA 02067-2236


To become a sponsor simply fill out the form below and submit it.  If you would like to make your donation now click on the Donate button.

Please Note -  This form is for NEW sponsors.  If you are already a sponsor you do not need to fill out this form.  Thanks!

The Geshe Tsulga Non-Profit Corporation is a 501(c)3 corporation so all donations are tax deductible. Geshe La made it clear to the Board early on and we all agreed that 100% of all donations would go directly towards fulfilling the corporations stated goal. In that spirit the overhead cost of running the corporation comes from Board members or from donors who specifically wish for their donation to be used for running the Corporation. This simply means that if you sponsor a monk, nun or affiliate of House 2A with a $200 annual donation, they will receive the full $200. 

Please visit this site often for news and events.

Thank You for Your Generosity

Bill Judge


Geshe Tsulga Non-Profit Corporation